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AEC Kozlodui AEC Kozlodui
AEC Kozlodui AEC Kozlodui
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Kozloduy NPP is one of the major factors for the sustainable development of Bulgaria and an element of specific importance for the country energy mix. The nuclear power plant has the largest share in the national electricity generation.
For the last year (2002), of operation of all the six units, the nuclear power plant has generated a record amount of electricity in its history – 20 221 719 MWh, with which it reached 47,3% share in the total electricity generation of the country.

In 2006, having four units in operation, Kozloduy NPP came close to its record achievement , by providing for the national electriсity grid 19 493 219 MWh or 42,6% of the electricity generated in the country. Even having only two 1000 MW units in operation (since the beginning of 2007), it is still the largest electricity generating plant in the country.